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"Pour l'Amour du Monde" or "the builders of extreme"

- In 2013, a plague fell on the northwest of the Pacific Ocean, the terrible Typhoon HAIYAN. This one will, in a record time, ravage several countries and leave behind only rubble, and homeless survivors.


In this absolute chaos, we wanted to help a family whose house had been blown so violently that its remains did not even make it a makeshift shelter.


Faced with such distress, which also concerned the 3 young children of the family, we decided to set up a large-scale action to rebuild their home in its entirety as soon as possible.

- It is a real challenge that the association "For the Love of the World" gave itself, by helping this family and their 3 children who had lost their home in the disaster.

- Thanks to the local workforce and the financial contribution of the association, the work started quickly and at a good pace.

- After days of intensive work, the result is there, and the smile returned to the faces of the members of this family who can sleep again with a roof over their heads.

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