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Currently, thousands of Syrian children are refugees in Lebanon,

they live as best they can in this country that did not want them, unable to join their home.


Their daily life takes place in improvised villages, often unhealthy, made of odds and ends, at the mercy of all the world's most inhospitable things.


Most are delivered to themselves, with no education that could allow them to envision a future. They wait helplessly for fate to decide their fate.


But thanks to your help and our action, there is hope for these children to access the right to go to school. "For the Love of the World" is mobilized, to leave on the spot, and to set up a place able to welcome the pupils, with all the necessary material, which will allow them to benefit from a school education, to be able to begin to imagine a future.


Several collections are already planned, we more than ever need you, to finance the purchase of equipment.


To help us, you can now send your donation to the association "Pour l'amour du monde / For the Love of the World", and thus contribute to the happiness of children.


We are counting on you.


You can also help us by sharing this page on Facebook.

You will also soon be able to follow the progress of our project on the ULULE.COM platform

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