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The association "Pour l'amour du monde / For the love of the world" is committed to help the poorest populations all around the world.


Whether following a war, famine, poverty or natural disasters.


Thanks to private or public funding, as well as fundraising, it intervenes where the urgency requires it.

The registered office is fixed at 158 Rue Victor Hugo 32000 AUCH.

The association is governed by the law of 1 July 1901. It is composed of benefactor members, active members or simple members.

Mobilizes to allow children to have the right to go to school.

Intervention in Lebanon:


We will visit a Syrian refugee village in Lebanon to set up facilities that will enable children to benefit from school education.

You will also soon be able to follow the progress of our project

on the ULULE.COM platform.










Act for those who need it, wherever it is.



The association organizes a collection to help the victims of hurricane "IRMA"

in Saint Martin.


This intervention made it possible to raise funds which were donated in their entirety to the French Red Cross engaged on the spot and thus helped the inhabitants of Saint Martin to face the scourge which touched them

Delivery of the check in the center of the red cross.

our missions

Help families rebuild a life.


Intervention in Tacloban:


Following Typhoon "HAYAN" in the Philippines in 2013, the team "For the love of the World" is mobilized to help the victims.

Our actions also led us to cross the path of people in absolute distress,

like this young woman, unable to finance his operation for the transplantation of a new heart.


We are proud to have been able to help her by financing part of the operation that allows her today to live alongside his loved ones.

Help to save a life.

Provide support to the most disadvantaged people


On-site intervention:


"Pour l'amour du monde / For the Love of the World" has mobilized in Ethiopia to support children and young people who live in a difficult environment.


The operation helped fund job creation for young people who were trying to earn a living while working but could not afford to do so. As well as donate to the local orphanage to help children in need.

Restore hope for those who have lost everything

Hurricane "Matthews" HAITI

On-site intervention:

"Pour l'Amour du Monde / For the Love of the World" organizes the collection and goes on the spot to help the victims, by providing medicine and support. The action will also provide a new flock of ewes to a family that had lost everything and whose only resources came from their flock.


You can help us in many ways

- You can contribute to our actions by donating.

- You can help us by sharing our site with your knowledge on social networks.

- You can also help us by watching our videos on Youtube, by subscribing to our channel, and by "liking" our videos.

We count on you and your support.

how to help us
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Tel: 07 78 38 48 50


Merci ! Message envoyé.

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