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When "For the Love of the World" is the shepherd of the lost herd

HURRICANE "Matthews"

- When we arrive on site, it's only a devastated landscape in front of us, Hurricane "Matthews" broke this beautiful place in debris and staring nature.



- It's not easy to know how to act effectively when we face so much desolation, "Pour l'amour du Monde" has chosen to opt for sustainable help.


Indeed our mission led us to meet a group of 30 families living through the exploitation of a flock of sheep before the hurricane,

but that it had totally decimated.


So we decided to provide these families a new herd, so that they can rebuild in the long term.


We proceeded to the purchase on the spot, also to benefit the local trade.


This operation has given hope to these 30 families who saw in this gift, the way to give a meaning to their life that nature had suddenly torn them away.

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