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Helping children "For the Love of the World"


In a country overwhelmed by poverty, "For the Love of the World" helps a group of young people who want to work by providing them with the materials they need for their business.

Target the needs.

- It was during the discovery of the city that we noticed a group of young people who were trying to offer their "shoe cleaning" services, the ambition of these young men to try beeing useful for to make a living despite their total lack of resources immediately capted us.


After a conversation with them, he was easy to find the tools to help them set up their business.

"For the love of the world" has therefore invested in the purchase of the necessary equipment so that they can get to work in the best conditions.

Help at the lack of a hospital.

- When we went to the local hospital, we noticed with horror the lack of food that affected the population, so our contribution was very simple, and we provided the establishment, food, and mosquito nets to fight against mosquitoes, important factor of transmission of infections and diseases.

Make a donation for the children.

- Finally, our journey led us to the gates of an orphanage, after his

visit, we decided that it was appropriate to make a generous

donation to this establishment that welcomed all these children and

was doing so much for them.

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